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        Total control(Hall)Type of access control
        ICLimited-time indefinitely door series
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        The embedded access control module
        Read the card module/Entrance guard reading head
        USBCredit card machine series
        99Only boutique domestic hot video
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Shenzhen canca intelligent equipment co., LTD Based on entrance guard ladder control technology research and development of the product、Production sales and service of high and new technology:Not full18Please leave!This web site99Hot video only domestic high-quality goods of film96154Department | Today's update816Department,Have got inheritance culture exactly and super heated bed video|Japanese online play,Day and nightbbbWeb site| freevideotuEurope and the United States women's innovation,Improve the product system,Mainly includes:The elevator entrance guard controller、Waterproof door machine、Avoid wiring offline access、Mobile phone card entrance guard、RS485The entrance guard controller、TCP/IPThe entrance guard controller、Embedded building entrance guard、Entrance guard one machine、Access control card reader,Electronic door locks and other products,Insist on continuous innovation、Research and development production high quality door one cartoon products is our work target,Hope that through our unremitting efforts will be“Canca wei”Access control products to do the best、Even the best around the world。

Canca wei:Adhere to“Professional products、Quality is stable”As the quality policy,In order to“Innovation of science and technology、The good faith development”Is the management idea,Give full play to our in quality、Technical and after-sales service advantages,Since the company since its inception has been with the domestic many senior companies set up senior friendly relations of cooperation,Product sales network all over the country,“Canca wei”Hand in hand with you,Seek common development,Wholeheartedly for the general new old customers with stable products and high quality after-sales service!

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