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       Weihai east hair seiko machinery co., LTD is located in the beautiful coastal city -- Weihai。
The company was founded in 1993Years,2003 In the construction of weihai east industrial park,The factory covers an area of4Million square meters, Is the earliest engaged in yugan mould and equipment production of one of the manufacturers,With many years of production experience。The main production of various fishing......

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Rod mold of homemade float how to choose the paint
Many people want to figure out how to do their own drift can find good varieties of paint,I am here to open a post explain myself used to paint。Types of paint:Primer、Color paint、Paint、Floating paint1.Primer:I am a used car with a two-component varnish(Should be a type of the lacquer that bake,But not baked can also be used),As for the brand used two kinds,To have much effect,But the new bottle of paint is better than stay longer of liquidity,Different brands of paint curing agent is the same(My teacher said to paint,I now also is such,Thought that the quantity of curing agent to join to consistent and paint,But it's not,Curing agent can paint
East seiko through EuropeCECertification,To open the door to Europe
Seiko through the eastCECertification
Rod mold new fishing gear industry development direction of the brand value
As the fishing gear manufacturers,In the current situation,To win the favor of the consumers,And stick to the customer,I think,To achieve this goal,The following four aspects of the work must be done:A、Innovative products about bait first。Throughout the year1990Years ago,Fishing tackle market in China is still in a relatively backward、Isolation,Goods almost no bait,Want to fishing unless dug worms or homemade bait。Ever since Taiwan fishing method was introduced into the mainland,After the great river north and south, and then off,All kinds of merchandise bait arises at the historic moment,A wide variety,Different performance,Broke the angler homemade bait for thousands of years。Now almost all professional angler


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